Monday, August 15, 2011

Talk show host: my interview was 'so enlightening'

       My interview with Craig Greenlee about his memoir November Ever After was so enlightening. His passion for sharing his and other Marshall family members’ stories resonated over the airwaves.
       Determined to reveal the missing links to the Marshall University story in 1970, he educated me on the rich history that took place surrounding the horrible period in many individuals’ lives.
       I truly appreciate Mr. Greenlee contributing to such an integral piece of sports history that the general public either knows nothing about, or just one side of the story. Although We Are Marshall was an excellent film, I look forward to reading about the numerous stories, points of views and experiences of those voices that were lost and were viewed as distant memories. Craig Greenlee carries such conviction and passion in his heart and I appreciate him committing to writing a story that needs to be told --  November Ever After.
                                                                                               Gyasmine George
Gyasmine George is the host of the sports talk show “Female Field Guide.” The show airs on Sundays at (Pacific Standard Time) on blog talk radio.


  1. Hey Cuz ... Congratulations on your first book. Looking forward to getting my copy. Will (the store) Books A Million carry it? Love the dedication to Aunt Winnie. I know she's looking down smiling and so proud of you!!

  2. Bro. Craig, I just visited your blog. Very nice! Your love for football and writing are manifest, and exude your trademark penchant for excellence. By the way, the book dedication for your mom is poignant, inspiring and very fitting.

  3. I cannot wait to read your book.