Monday, August 22, 2011

MU family will always remember November 1970

The book's author from back in the day.
Throughout life, many events come our way; good and bad that can reflect not only our life at the moment of occurrence; but as the years come and go. This is what the memoir November Ever After presents to its readers.

It’s not only the story of a tragic moment in the history of our country and Marshall University. It’s also a time that Craig T. Greenlee, the book’s author, will always remember.
Greenlee started several games for the Thundering Herd as a defensive back. But by the end of his sophomore season, he had lost the hunger to compete. He left the team a year before crash and as a result, his life was spared. The crash was an unforgettable event that shook a small college campus in a West Virginia city that sits next to the Ohio River and borders the states of Ohio and Kentucky.
When the 1970 college football season began, Greenlee was no longer on the roster; but his ties to the team remained through his association with the players. It’s through this bond that November Ever After presents another side of the story; one that not only fills in the missing details; but shows how the tragic event affected those who were left behind and how each person chose to deal with his or her loss.
The harsh reality of what happened on November 14, 1970 didn’t really settle in Craig’s mind until a week after the crash. It hit full force when he went to Waco, Texas to attend the funeral of Scottie Reese, who was his best friend.
This book presents a perspective of someone who lived through the horror and turmoil of that time. The author is not someone who was on the outside looking in. Rather, he was forced to look inward at himself. Collectively, he and his former schoolmates found a way to carry on with their lives.
Marshall University, its alumni and supporters will always remember those who died in that horrible plane crash nearly 41 years ago. And they will never forget—not because of a film or a book, but because they share a connection which can never be broken or destroyed.
Tex Noel
Tex Noel is the executive director of the Intercollegiate Football Researchers Association.


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  2. Willie Mae FrazierTuesday, August 23, 2011

    Craig, this is wonderful. I like the video clip, can't wait for the book to come out. Wow, GOD is great! Please keep me posted on the book and of course I want it autographed!
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