Monday, June 29, 2015

Not just a book .. it's an emotional experience

We all know about the tragedy that rocked West Virginia (and the country) in 1970, either from sports, reading about it, or watching the movie. The plane crash affected everyone-whether you lost someone on the flight or not. Both campuses at Marshall University and East Carolina University were silent that night. MU's football team was coming back from a game at ECU. 

People around the country struggled to understand what happened on the night when Marshall lost most of its varsity football team.. But there is always more to the story, especially for those that lived through it. 

Author Craig T. Greenlee gives us that part of the story in November Ever After.

Greenlee could have been on that plane when it went down. As a member of the storied '68 freshman team, he left the team before the start of the '70 varsity season that would end in tragedy. He has more than just a passing interest on the is personal to him. He knew these people and their families; he saw firsthand what the crash did to the university and the city of Huntington, West Virginia

Having that kind of personal account -- blended with the research that Greenlee clearly did a lot of  -- gives you a new perspective on everything that happened both before and after that fateful night, and it also helps you see the whole story.

No matter how much research you've done on the Marshall tragedy or how many times you've watched the movie  'We Are Marshall' you will learn things you never knew. You can't help but look at this event in a different light after reading this book. This is a much deeper look at the effect the crash had on the university and the town.

November Ever After is well written, informative, and it;s an emotional read. This memoir needs to be on everybody's must-read list whether you just have a slight curiosity about the rest of the story or whether it's a little more important to you. The first few pages lets you know that this book is different than the rest. This is more than just an incredible read -- it is an experience. You will feel the emotions on every page, and you will not want to put it down once you start.

Review by Renee