Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A shout-out to all those who helped with my memoir

       From a production standpoint, my first book November Ever After is about to cross the finish line.
Writing this book has taken me on a journey that I'm not likely to forget anytime soon. And I'm just elated that I got so much help from the people I interviewed for this book to help me along the way.
       Thanks to you guys, the book is more complete. Bringing your personal perspectives to the table definitely enhanced the book's flavor. And that's just the way it should be.
       For those who may not know, November Ever After is a memoir of my football-playing days at Marshall University in the late '60/early '70s. I was in school at the time of the Marshall plane crash that killed most of the football on the night of November 14, 1970. I left the team after the '69 season, so I was not on the team at the time of the tragedy.
       Not being on the team didn't ease the shock of it all. Even now, forty-something years down the line, it's still a sad and sobering memory. I knew most the guys on that plane.
       When the school started to pick up the pieces of its football program, I rejoined the team for that process. The spring of '71 was an interesting time, and I got an opportunity to be part of it.
       While football is the anchor for November Ever After, football is not the entire package for this saga. There's a very personal side that's revealed through my voice and the voices of former teammates and schoolmates. Our collective insights will help readers get a very good understanding of how things really were back then.
      So here's a hearty shout-out to all the folks I interviewed for this book.
      Thanks aplenty goes to: Reverend Ed Carter, Dickie Carter, Felix Jordan, Mickey Jackson, Reggie Oliver, Angela Dodson, Murrial Jarrett, Macie Lugo, Debbie Bailey (Bowen), Janice Cooley, Bill Redd, Albert Evans, Bill Dodson, Joe Bundy, Lawson Brooks, Chuck Landon, Paulette (Dodson) Scott, Larry Isom, Gary Young, and Mike Price (football coach at the University of Texas-El Paso).
     These folks willingly joined me in helping to tell a story that's never been told. All of that is going to change when November Ever After comes hot off the press in the coming weeks.
     Initially, the book will be available only on the iUniverse website. A few weeks after that, readers can pick up a copy through Barnes & Noble or Amazon.com. I'll be sure to keep you posted through this blog and on the website NovemberEverAfter.com, which is expected to be operational by the end of August.

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  1. Hello Craig
    I wish you nothing but continued success as an author in the debut of your memoir, "November Ever After". I have had the pleasure of knowing you for over 30 years, as well as collaborating with you on several business projects.I am sure that this venture will be another opportunity to showcase to the world how talented a writer you are. May God continue to bless you and direct your path.