Thursday, October 11, 2012

Review: (Book) great, but has flaws; a must read

       The book [November Ever After] is factually accurate. I remember Craig Greenlee as a Marshall player. I attended my first Marshall football game in person in 1969. That year I saw the East Carolina and Ohio University games.
       In the fateful season, 1970, I was a season ticket holder, and just a teenager. It was a difficult time for all in the Huntington community. The strengths of the book are numerous. The book covers racial events at Marshall University in the late 1960's-early 1970's in a mid-western and/or southern city in the US – Huntington, West Virginia.
       I liked the descriptions of the deceased players’ backgrounds and their brotherhood on and off of the football field. The author gives a first person account of the Marshall program, how it got to the fateful day, and the aftermath. The author, using his eyewitness experience, critiques with journalistic prowess the depictions of the tragedy via the Hollywood movie and the documentaries released describing the Marshall football program, past and present.
       However, I just wish the author had not made his perceptions of the racial harmony at Marshall and Huntington or lack thereof, prior to the time of the tragedy and its aftermath, a somewhat reoccurring theme throughout the book.
       A must read for any Marshall fan, or anyone interested in a human tragedy/triumph story involving collegiate athletics.
-- Samuel May, Amazon reviewer

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