Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Greenlee: ‘Memoir is a collaborative effort …’

       Author Craig T. Greenlee was the featured guest on last night’s Black Authors Network Showcase that aired on blog talk radio. During the 80-minute interview, Greenlee went into detail about how his book November Ever After sheds more light on the story of the Marshall crash than the popular film, We Are Marshall.
       The veteran sports journalist talks about former player Ed Carter and the evangelical global ministry he started that was based on him not being on the ill-fated flight. Carter’s Death Unto Life Ministry remains vibrant in its 36th year of existence.
       Greenlee also shares how he came to the decision to write a book about a story that’s so familiar to so people.
       “What I wrote has a lot of my perspective in it, but there’s more to it than that,” he said. “It really is a story whose time has finally come. This memoir is a collaborative effort that involves others, who like me, were left behind in the wake of the plane crash. What this book represents is the full-course meal. Watch the movie, then read my book and you’ll agree wholeheartedly.”

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