Friday, February 24, 2012

Book sheds light on "lives impacted by epic events"

Gary Young
By Gary Young

       My perspective might be a little different from others who have submitted comments to this blog.  I did not attend Marshall University, but I came to know about the tragedy through my connection with the Publishers Association of Los Angeles.
       I saw the movie We Are Marshall while I was visiting some of my family in Chicago.  We were thoroughly mesmerized.
       November Ever After presents the reality, which feels even more immediate, touching, absorbing, and personal.  Even from an outsider's point of view, this feels like an important book.  Even the clever title carries a rhythm that supports the poignancy in the book.
       Craig's personality comes through as a man who has embraced survival with vibrancy and humor, never forgetting the lessons learned along the way, including the continuing education that he has experienced through the publication of his book and the reactions from the readers.
       I do not want to review this book sentence by sentence.  It is colloquial, and therefore easy and friendly reading.  If there are a few “glitches,” they make the book even more real, and what book does not have editorial anomalies these days?
       This memoir is clearly an uplifting account of lives impacted by epic events.  I have loaned my copy of the book to family members, and I'm told it has been read four times so far.  
       I am impressed by Craig's ability to get the word out, and his mix of positive insights and realism in the words he wrote.  He is tireless and resourceful, which I applaud. I wish all of my authors would learn a little from his initiative.
Gary Young is president of the Publishers Association of Los Angeles ( and Director of Professional Development, Independent Writers of Southern California (  Gary and his wife Kathy co-authored the ground-breaking book  "LOSS and FOUND: Surviving the Loss of a Young Partner" (

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