Thursday, November 17, 2011

Reader 'thoroughly enjoyed' MU football memoir

Miz Duff
By Miz Duff

       I read your book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. November Ever After is truly better than the movie We Are Marshall. There’s more truth in your little book than in the whole movie.
       At the time of the crash, I was a senior in high school. I also attended First Baptist Church, where a lot of the players attended. I remember going to Charleston (WVa.) on the night of the crash. When I got there, our friends told us what had happened. I just started thinking of all the players and started naming as many names as I could.
      My mother was a teacher at Huntington High School and a night class instructor at Marshall University at the time. Our out-of-town relatives thought she may have been on the plane. Thank God she wasn't.
       When I read that you and Scottie Reese were best friends, I got a little choked up. Scottie and I always agreed to disagree. We never failed to give each other the "mean mug" or make snide comments to each other.
       I’m busy telling people to read your book and I'm getting ready to loan it to a friend of mine even though she’s going to buy a copy for herself. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed looking back (in time) when I read your book. Thanks.
       It doesn’t matter what team we play on in life. When God calls our number, the game is over. Peace.

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