Friday, November 11, 2011

Book: 'Painful to read, but incredibly satisfying'

        Diverse: Issues in Higher Education added a special touch in its coverage of the Marshall University plane crash tragedy that occurred over 40 years ago. In the November 10 issue of the magazine, writer/editor Angela Dodson, an MU alumnus, writes an in-depth review of November Ever After, the memoir that takes an up-close and personal look at the crash as told by those who were left behind.
       Before reading Dodson’s review, I highly recommend that you take a look at the editor’s page. Diverse editor David Pluviose addresses the connection that Dodson and one of the magazine’s staff members have in relation to November 14, 1970. Dodson, a longtime contributor to the magazine, knows first-hand about some of the anguish and pain felt by the MU community. The year of the crash, she was a sophomore journalism major who doubled as a floor counselor at one of the girls’ dormitories.
       For Diverse creative director Dan Stainback, the connection goes much deeper. Dan’s father, Jerry, was one of the 75 passengers on that plane. Jerry Stainback was a starting linebacker for the Thundering Herd in ’70.
       To take a look at the magazine, click on the link below. When the pages appear, click on the page number arrow located near the bottom of the page. Go to page 6 to read Pluviose’s article entitled Marshall On My Mind. See pages 22-23 for the book review.

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