Friday, October 21, 2011

A note of thanks from Herd fans in New Jersey

        I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book.  I am about to read it again.  My wife Debbie and I met you and your Mrs. at the Marshall University Bookstore signing during Homecoming weekend.
       We're from New Jersey, became Marshall fans after seeing the movie We Are Marshall, and have been making an annual visit to see a game ever since. I was 16 years old when the crash happened, and I remember riding in the family car with my dad when the news came over the radio. 
       The movie rekindled that memory for me, and things snowballed from there. I started researching the history of the football program, sent away for some fan gear, and then our yearly trips began. 
       The film really hit an emotional chord with us, but from the start, I kind of figured that the filmmakers “Hollywoodized” it. With few exceptions, that’s often the case with fact-based stories that make it to the screen. 
       The movie will always hold a special place in our hearts, but just as important to us are the true, behind-the-scenes stories of what took place during that tragic time, such as the one you have presented in November Ever After. Thanks very much for writing it, Mr. Greenlee, and for enlightening us all. 
       Take care.

All the best,
John & Debbie Bacha


  1. Really outstanding. By the way, your book? It is well worth reading.

  2. Congratulations! Hope to see you in November @ Barnes & Noble.