Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Crash gave birth to world-wide evangelical ministry

       Those who have any familiarity with the Marshall air crash know all about Ed Carter’s amazing story. Carter missed the fatal flight because of a prophetic warning from his mother several days before the tragedy occurred.
Dr. Ed Carter
       What most folks don’t know is how the crash gave birth to a global evangelistic outreach organization – Death Unto Life Ministries. Prior to his graduation from Marshall in 1974, Ed got saved and answered the call to preach the Gospel. A few years later, he became the founder of Death Unto Life, which is headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
       Today, Death Unto Life Ministries, which is also heavily involved in missions, is as vibrant as ever in its 35th year of operation. During that time, Ed has preached to audiences all across the United States and around the world. To get a clearer understanding of Ed’s journey since the night of November 14, 1970, just take a look at a sampling of the ministry’s literature, which illustrates some of the struggles Ed faced prior to his acceptance of Jesus as Lord and Savior. Here’s an excerpt:
                  The year 1974 was a big year for Ed in more ways than one.
             All of the time he had been thinking about his whole life passing
             before him. Before, Ed was trying to run from God. He would pray,
             but only so that he could win football games and get the passing
             grades he needed for graduation. But God was trying to get through
             to him, even then.
                   “Why I remember, I used to see church buses on campus on
             Sunday morning, and I felt something inside me pulling me toward
             them, but I didn’t go,” Carter said. “Instead, I hid from those
             buses. Can you believe that? I actually hid from those church
       God’s hand moved mightily in Ed’s ministry. Not long after the former MU lineman got saved, he started to preach. A number of churches in West Virginia invited him to speak to their congregations. In several instances, some of the pulpits he occupied had never been open to a black minister.
       Ed is keenly aware that Divine orchestration was the reason why he received so many invitations to speak. In a ministry brochure Ed wrote:

                    Now I live day-by-day with my faith. God has promised
              tomorrow to no man, so I never look further than today. God
              spared me, He gave me a testimony and opportunities to spread
              His Word. My only goal in life now is to be a witness for Christ.


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