Friday, April 6, 2012

Forty-something years later … story still resonates

        While doing some web surfing, I came across a recent blog entry from a University of Memphis football fan who remembers what it was like when the Tigers came to Huntington, West Virginia in 2010 to play Marshall on the 40th anniversary of the ’70 plane crash that killed most of the Thundering Herd’s team.
       This entry, which appears on the Herald-Dispatch blog, bears witness to how those who weren’t even born during that time are still able to empathize with those who were left behind in the wake of an unforgettable disaster that shocked a college and its surrounding communities.
       There’s a snippet from this entry (see next paragraph) that tells you all you need to know about a passionate fan who had some idea of what folks at MU and in Huntington went through in the days and years following the crash.

      “Although it's been over 40 years, I am sure those who perished are not far from your minds. I am glad you had the courage to build it back up and am honored to have you as an opponent.”

       To read the entry in its entirety, just click on the red-colored link from the archives of the Herald-Dispatch blog. Readers are encouraged to comment about this never-to-be-forgotten event in the history of Marshall University. 

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