Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Moss shows he has plenty of "fast" left in his tank

       Well, it seems as if those detractors of Randy Moss will have to remain silent. All the talk about the recently unretired 35-year old wide receiver being over the hill is absolutely premature.
       The brain trust of the New Orleans Saints can bear witness that Moss is still the same Moss that everyone remembers – a genuine game-changer who’s capable of scoring any time he gets his hands on a football. 
       According to reports, the former Marshall University stand-out blew everybody’s minds earlier this week when the Saints brought him in for a personal workout. Moss ran over 40 pass routes and showed that he’s still among the swiftest athletes in pro football. He reportedly ran between 4.3 and 4.4 seconds in the 40-yard dash. And ... he can still catch anything thrown his way.
       The Saints gave Moss glowing reviews. So there’s no doubt that other NFL teams will be sure to make the obligatory phone calls of inquiry. It’s quite possible that Moss could take up residence in Bayou country. And that’s because the Saints could end up losing two of their top receivers—Marques Colston and Robert Meachum—to free agency. I can’t imagine that all-pro QB Drew Brees would have any objections to having Moss on board.
       That doesn’t mean that Moss is lock to play in New Orleans. It’s been said that he has at least one or two more workouts with other teams scheduled. The names of those teams had not been made public as of late Wednesday afternoon (March 7).
       The last time Moss played in the NFL was 2010 and it memorable for all the wrong reasons. He started out with the New England Patriots, but was traded before midseason to the Minnesota Vikings. That arrangement didn’t work out and the Vikings shipped Moss to the Tennessee Titans. Moss finished that season as a non-factor. The next season he was available for duty, but never signed with ant team, so he opted to retire right before the start of the 2011 regular season.
       It’s still a bit early to tell just where Moss might go. But it’s always interesting hear the voices of the fans who follow the game so closely. I’ve included a few comments that recently appeared on the official website of Randy Moss.

Big Poppa: “I can't help but think if you ended up in Detroit coupled with Calvin Johnson, it could potentially make for the most dangerous tandem in NFL history -- and keeping pass defenses looking like the Washington Generals. I think the ring simply ‘comes with the territory.’ Just saying!”

Great Raven Woman: “What better way to settle the rumors that you are one of the greatest football players ever than by coming to the Baltimore Ravens. Just think about it. You will be playing with Anquan Boldin, Ray Rice, and Joe Flacco on one side of the ball, and then with Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and Terrell Suggs on the other side of the ball. You can finally get revenge against the Patriots for the way they treated you.”
Gman8184: “Everybody has good points for wanting Randy on their team but he definitely needs to go with the H-town Texans. That team is ready for a Super Bowl and Randy with Andre (Johnson) would be almost impossible to stop. We got help with (Arian) Foster and (Owen) Daniels and the defense is super stacked.”

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