Monday, December 12, 2011

Instant replay: Interview on NPR affiliate WFDD

Book author Craig T. Greenlee from back in the day.
        “For a long time, I never felt like what I knew was something that people would be interested in. That’s because I felt a detachment from the team. I was not a part of that particular team. But when I found out certain things along the way …..
       For example, when the first documentary was put together (Ashes to Glory in 2000), they talked about a young man named Felix Jordan, who was taken off the (team) bus at the last minute so that one of the (MU) boosters could ride, because they were helping to pay for the cost of the flight. That’s why he’s alive today.
       Felix and I played the same position…. In the documentary, they call out Felix’s name. But the picture they showed was a picture of me. That’s when it hit me—you could have been on that plane. That was a contributing factor (for me to tell my story) … to say that maybe you do have something (to say) that would be of value.”

      Author Craig T. Greenlee talks about his memoir November Ever After with host Denise Franklin on Voices & Viewpoints, an interview program originally recorded by and aired on 88.5 WFDD, a National Public Radio affiliate covering the Piedmont Triad. This is an encore replay of that in-depth discussion. To hear this half-hour interview, go to the Voices & Viewpoints page here, and click on the “LISTEN” icon.

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