Thursday, September 8, 2011

There's so much more to memoir than football

        Football is the anchor for the memoir November Ever After. However, there’s more to this story than the fatal plane crash that claimed the lives of most of Marshall University’s football team.
       The shock and widespread personal devastation caused by the tragedy is well-known and well-documented. But what’s been left out – for far too long in my opinion – is the story of those who were there at that time.
       The essence of November Ever After goes beyond the mind-numbing events from the night of the crash. It delves into the aftermath of the tragedy as seen through the eyes of those who were impacted in the months and years after the crash.
       They suffered deeply. For some, the pain did not disappear completely. On the flip side, these same people witnessed the restoration of a football program that could have easily folded in the face of adverse circumstances.
       Yes, this story has a focus on football and the memories of a horrible night that none of us will ever forget. But it’s also a story that captures the imagination. In so many instances, the personal accounts provided by those who were interviewed for the book sound too much like a Hollywood script. It’s so strange. For those who aren’t familiar with the Marshall saga, it really sounds like fiction.
       But it isn’t.
       Even today, there are a sizeable number of people who are still alive, who can validate the actual events that took place over forty years ago. This memoir has all the ingredients to keep readers moving forward from one chapter to the next.
       So, here’s my quick-glance summary of what this book is all about.


  1. Congratulations! So very proud of you! I'm sure it took a lot to bring this project to fruition! I ordered the book on and can hardly wait for it to get here!

  2. Congrats on the book! I'm very interested in reading it. I remember Phil telling me that you were part of the program when the tragedy happened and thought it would be a compelling story to tell. Glad you are doing it.